Do you have big dreams for your life but feel like they are out of reach?

You are not alone, friend!

Life gets busy and so many things are fighting for our attention.

When that happens, we tend to put ourselves and our dreams on the back burner.

Get the tools you need to plan a course for your life and maximize your money while you do it.

Hey there, I'm Renee!

Wife, mama, life coach, recovering shopaholic, and part-time digital nomad.

A few years ago I realized I was using my money and possessions all wrong. What I thought was making me happy was actually keeping me from pursuing the life I had always dreamed about.

Instead of living the life I was "supposed" to live, I decided to live life on my terms. Even if it was a little quirky.

Now I run the blog and create courses that are filled with practical tips designed to help you design life your way. And have more FUN!